Learning Pathways

Prepare yourself to be a part of a
software development team

Design software that brings value back to your unit.

Become an experienced User Experience (UX) designer capable of translating user needs through visually pleasing user interfaces. Duties include developing user flows, conducting extensive research, creating style guides, designing high fidelity applications, and conducting product demonstrations. UX designers work closely with app users in order to provide the best user experience.

Utilize your leadership apptitude.

Lead the overall product direction by becoming a product manager! This role is responsible for the successful delivery of user centered products. Product managers lead a team of designers and developers to build a product that fulfills user needs while meeting business objectives.

Develop software to solve unit specific problems.

Create user centered computer software for the DoD by becoming a software developer! Continuously develop and maintain user products along other software pioneers through the practice of agile development processes. Learn more about our Software Developement Immersive (SDI) program!

Innovation starts with you!

If you are interested in joining a Tron community like Airmen Coders, or would like to build a local #PoweredByTron software development team at your unit, reach out!