Capabilities & Capability Milestones

Here you will find the underlying concepts covered within each of the capability milestones offered by Tron. In this context, a capability is a description of a functional skillset that can provide someone with the abilty to provide a nontrivial increase in production value to a software team.

A capability milestone is defined as the smallest collection of concepts that must be known to provide someone with the functional skill that encompasses a new capability. Various capabilities (& associated milestones) can be combined to build qualifications for filling a role on a production software team.

For Air Force members, when a capability milestone is met through one of the various Tron learning pathways, the person completing the milestone is eligible to receive an Individual Capability (ICM) code through MyVector to facilitate future talent management/assignment opportunities.

Pathways for completion of these capability milestones can be found in the Learning Pathways section.
Definition of the roles that can be filled by each qualification can be found in the Roles Section.
Definition of the sufficient qualifications for filling a given role can be found in the Qualifications Section.

Concept\Capability Frontend Developer in React Backend Developer in Express Backend Developer in Spring Boot cATO Developer
Pre-assessment X X X X
Javascript X X
React X
Testing in React X
Node.js X
Express X
Testing in Express X
Java X
Spring Boot X
Testing in Spring X
Frontend Concepts X X
Backend/Persistence Concepts X X X
Test-Driven Development X X X X
Relational DBs & SQL X X
Authentication Architecture X X X
Utilizing JWT for Auth X X X
Utilizing Tron Common API X X X
Accessing API & Documenting via Swagger X X
Understanding CI/CD X X X X
Understanding P1 X
cATO Pipelines X
Understanding CtF X

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