Software Development Immersive Program (SDI)

SDI Poster

Understanding the Program (The “5 W’s”)

Personas Addressed ("Who"): Government members who have a home-grown ability to write code with a passion to solve their own problems & a desire to rapidly become full-stack developers through a full-time immersive program.

Solution Offered ("What"): 3-month, full-time software development immersive program taught virtually, finishing as a qualified Tron Developer with access to build production-ready prototypes on DoD Platform One. The various capabilities that students can expect to gain during this course can be found in our capability milestones section.

  1. Frontend developer in React
  2. Backend developer in Express
  3. Backend developer in Spring Boot

Problem Addressed ("Why"): The DoD Software Acquisitions and Practices Study (released in 2019) discovered that, if we fail to aggressively expand our internal digital talent within the next few years, we will fall far behind our peers and adversaries in the current global landscape. Getting after this problem requires us to provide an end-to-end solution for Space professionals to directly interact with, understand, and contribute to projects and programs across multiple domains (in more than simply a project management role). This internship is intended to help address this gap by providing units around the DoD with service members who understand the basics of modern software development and have experience working directly with programs that affect their AFSCs. We will ensure that all Airmen/Space Force Members who successfully complete this program will become part of a privileged group of people with the ability and access rights to rapidly launch future cloud-based applications on a military network (e.g., .mil, NIPR, SIPR). They will actively contribute to a real weapons system or mission application following the training course to practice this capability. The cost to individual units will be minimal—no monetary commitment will be incurred (all remote VTC, no TDY); only a time commitment by your participant (see “WHEN” below).

Further, these MilitaryCoders will be immediately equipped with the learning resources, network, and tools to apply their innovative skills to their current or future job assignments. Upon completion of the program, we expect Airmen Coders to immediately be able to apply their skills to problems of importance to their commanders and remain connected to a robust network of innovative personnel who can share lessons learned across a wide variety of topics.

Start Date & Duration ("When"): This course is a full-time 3-month web development immersion and follow-on engagement. Offerings in 2021 will start on 22 Feb and 7 Jun. Applications are open now (see link below); the formal release letter must be signed by applicant’s Commander or equivalent and included in the application package by 29 Jan and 14 May for the respective course.

Location of the Course ("Where"): This cohort will be led via VTC and in online collaboration channels by a joint team consisting of instructors from industry and product teams managed by DoD program offices or software factories. The follow-on rapid development engagement will also be conducted all via remote VTC and using remote access and collaboration tools provided by software factories.

Getting Started With the SDI Program

First Step:   Apply Here!!   This application will include some basic information about you, an assessment in javascript (with optional prep work to ensure that you are ready), and an approval from your unit commander.

Second Step:   Regardless of the status of your application, you can immediately joing the MilitaryCoders Mattermost Group and start connecting with other military coders. If you do not yet have a DoD Platform One Single Sign-On username, follow the on-screen prompts to create a new login account.

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