Product Team Roles

Here you will find the Production Software Team Roles and their required pre-requisite qualifications. These roles are designed such that any role on the left can be filled by a person possessing at least one of the qualifications denoted by an “X” in the respective row.

Definition of the qualifications along the top of this table can be found in the Qualifications Section.
Definition of the capability milestones for each qualification can be found in the Capability Milestones Section.
Pathways for completion of these capability milestones can be found in the Learning Pathways section.

Note: Any developer role requires both the qualification denoted in the below table, as well as completion of the appropriate tech stack capability milestone. For example, an Anchor Developer for a full-stack React/Express application would require the Anchor qualification, plus the Frontend Developer in React and Backend Developer in Express capability milestones. However, an Anchor Developer for a frontend-only React application would only need the Frontend Developer in React capability milestone in addition to the Anchor qualification.

Note: The minimum collection of roles for a product team is Product Manager, Product Designer, Anchor, and Developer, where the Anchor and Developer are two different people. The maximimum number of roles that a single person is allowed to fill is two, although increased project complexity may result in a mentor requiring more people before nominating the team to enter the Certificate to Field process. The minimum product team size is therefore two people filling the four minimum roles, although this would require sufficiently qualified & experienced members. There is no restriction however on the number of product teams to which an individual can be attached.

Qualification\Role Developer Anchor Designer Product Manager Developer Mentor
Frontend Developer X
Backend Developer X
Full-Stack Developer X
Production Frontend Developer X
Production Backend Developer X
Production Full Stack Developer X
Anchor Developer X X
Mentor Developer X X

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