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Mattermost combines security and usability to provide a 21st century solution for a unit's CUI communications. Mattermost uses the same login as all our applications, Platform One's SSO, which is becoming the Government's main gateway to modern software.

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Why do we use Mattermost and P1?

Here at Tron, we partner with the Air Force’s Platform One (P1) organization as the foundation our apps are built on. Having mission apps with mobile access is possible because they live and operate within the P1’s architecture and security. The key to accessing Mattermost, or any other mission app on P1, is the Single Sign On (SSO). This allows you to work on any device with internet, using a single password. All of this is available to anyone with a .mil email and CAC card.

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Gain access to Mattermost today, an open-source collaborative messaging software that is hosted within the DoD’s own cyber infrastructure.

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User Tips

An illustrated guide with tips, tricks, and best practices for using Mattermost like a pro.

Command Post Resource

From CP troops, For CP troops. Best practices compiled from several MAF bases using mattermost for more than a year already.

AMC/AOC Conemp

The AMC & 618th AOC implementation CONEMP of Mattermost use for C2


Mattermost is an open-source collaborative messaging software that is hosted within the DoD’s own cyber infrastructure.

Mattermost is accessible on any device connected to the internet, both government devices on the military network as well as personal devices with any kind of civilian internet access around the globe. Mattermost is an IL-4 approved software that allows FOUO, PII, and mission information with the capability of 2-way file transfer.

Mattermost utilizes the DoD’s Platform One (P1) architecture to provide secure, approved delivery of IL-4 data to any device. The P1 structure allows a user to login to hosted web apps using Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) such as Google Authenticator. Each user is capable of using either 1) a username + password + MFA or 2) CAC card + pin to log into any P1 hosted software from any web browser and URL. Some applications like Mattermost (MM) even have approved iOS and Android native apps.

Mattermost lives completely within the P1 framework and complies with all federal and DoD security requirements. They operate under the PartyBus continuous ATO, and employ a cybersecurity method known as DevSecOps which bakes in security requirements at every step of the coding, testing, evaluation, and launch process. Mattermost currently operates at Impact Level 4 (IL-4) and each unit is responsible for ensuring their use case is capable of IL-4 dissemination.

Our team can help answer any security questions and provide expanded security & ATO paperwork if requested.

Platform One ATO

Mattermost is maintained by Platform One and receives funding from multiple large programs of record. There is no cost to individual units or wings to use Mattermost.

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If you are interested in joining a Tron community like Airmen Coders, or would like to build a local #PoweredByTron software development team at your unit, reach out!