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Collaborative Scheduling

Collaborative Scheduling
Schedule Anytime, Anywhere
Puckboard is intentionally designed as a live, highly available collaborative scheduling platform to meet the scheduling needs of servicemembers around the globe on your desktop, phone, or tablet.
Customize to your needs.
Let us do the heavy lifting.

Build a schedule in minutes, with customizable roles, event types, and conflict settings. View your squadron or unit roster while you’re building the schedule, and see in real time who is available for missions.

Customize to your needs.

Real-time, distributed, flexible.

Customize to your needs.

Event Volunteering
Easily request open positions on flights, sims, or ground events from your personal device, anywhere in the world...without needing a lengthy text chain to your schedulers.
Conflict Resolution
Quickly identify and resolve conflicts, even when crewmembers are scheduled separately by two different organizations.
Crew Availability
View available crewmembers before accidentally scheduling someone for two flights at the same time.
Access your live schedule anywhere, anytime.

Puckboard is available anywhere you have internet access and a browser, and updates are shown in real time. The mobile view is optimized for all devices, adding needed flexibility to your operations.

Completed Event


Mattermost <> Puckboard Integration Demo (19 Jan 21)

Live demo of the upcoming integration between Puckboard and Mattermost!!

Puckboard Demo & AMA (11/4/20)

Live presentation and "Ask Me Anything" session with the core Puckboard team, including an update on the overall program, demos of recent features, insights on best practices, and release of a mobile-friendly interface.

Puckboard Intro & AMA (4/16/20)

Live intro presentation for the team at Charleston. Take a look at Puckboard in its earliest stages.

Timeline for release

Major Feature Roadmap

Multi-Week View & Mobile View v2 Jan 21
Mobile 781 Builder (beta) Jan 21
Suggested Conflict Resolution Jan 21
Mattermost C2 v1 Jan 21
Shift Scheduling Jul 21
Click & Drag Events Jul 21
Crew Rainbow Jul 21
Puckboard Logging Jul 21
Schedule Export Jul 21
ARMS integration v1 Jul 21



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