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Projects In Use


A scheduling and post mission paperwork suite. Currently led by the Tron Charleston node. Widely distributed across the U.S.

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A web-based talent management app that puts each Airman in the driver seat of their career development evolving from Air Force-driven paradigm.



Covid-19 Medical Screener application. Designed to validate entry control at MDG facilities. Created by the Tron Hawaii node.

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A mission app that modernizes aircraft cargo loading, weight and balance, as well as cargo configuration management for the next generation of rapid global mobility. Currently being developed by the Tron Hawaii and JBLM nodes.

Common API

Enables rapid deployment and data sharing between apps in the Tron ecosystem by having a core set of APIs and data for common entities like People and Organizations.

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Projects In Development



Cascade is a squadron management suite, with initial focus on a Safety Form 55 replacement. This application will allow leadership positions to consolidate, track and manage their work in one location. Currently under development at the Tron Hawaii Node.


QuickScan is a web application designed to track personnel entry & exit of a location giving DoD organizations an easy & cost effective way. The application is being led by the Tron Charleston node.


Also known as Common UI. Digitize allows other apps to connect to its endpoints so that it can provide an authorized backend that handles SSO integration and database connections.

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If you are interested in joining a Tron community like Airmen Coders, or would like to build a local #PoweredByTron software development team at your unit, reach out!