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Welcome! This guide will walk through the steps that are required to create your unit in Puckboard.

Step 1. Watch the demo

This video walks you through setting up your Puckboard and how to get started scheduling immediately. After you watch the demo, you will have the knowledge to navigate through the app, customize your squadrons settings, add personnel, and create and edit events.

Step 2. Join a live AMA

Still have questions? Every Tuesday, the Puckboard team hosts a live AMA to answer any questions, announce new releases, and provide live training.

Register below to claim your spot.

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Step 3. Sign up for Platform One SSO

Already a Mattermost user? You can skip to step 4.

Puckboard is possible because it lives within the Air Force’s PlatformOne (P1) architecture and security. The key to accessing Puckboard, or any other mission apps on P1, is the Single Sign On (SSO). This allows you to work on any device, in any of the mission apps (like Puckboard, Mattermost, & Widow) using a single password. All of this is available to anyone with a .mil email and CAC card.

Use the button below to find our step by step guide to creating your P1 account.

Create your P1 Account

Step 4. Submit a request to create your unit in Puckboard

Now that you have a P1 SSO account, you can login to our Service Desk and request a new unit for Puckboard.

The team then creates your unit and reaches out to ensure that all personnel are uploaded properly.

Take me to the form!

Step 5. Implement and train

This is the fun part, where you get to work with the training and onboarding team to implement Puckboard for your unit.

Your P1 SSO grants access to our internal knowledge base and Mattermost team where we work with you on implementing best practices, and ensure that you will be ready to succeed at go-live. Join the community where you can find best practices, ask questions, and get help on any Puckboarding subject in our Puckboard Team on the Mattermost chat software.

Knowledge Base Mattermost Team

Step 6. Go-Live

Okay, we take it back. THIS is the fun part. After determining readiness and ensuring access to all of the support resources, you get to launch Puckboard as the source of truth for your schedule and join the growing legion of Puckboarders!

During this whole process, you have access to the onboarding team, training materials, and other users in the Mattermost team. We're with you every step of the way.

Step 7. Get involved

Puckboard is developed using User Centered Design and Agile methodology, meaning that we fight for you, the user.

If you have suggestions on how to make Puckboard better, or want to submit feature suggestions, submit a request in the Service Desk. You can see what other users have submitted and vote on their ideas. You can also ask questions in our Confluence space, stay informed on releases, and even get involved with feature design.

Suggest a feature Roadmap FAQ

Thank you.

If you have questions or comments, drop us a note in Mattermost or come to an AMA! We appreciate every single one of you, happy Puckboarding!

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