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If you are a servicemember wanting to contribute to a DoD project, or have begun working on a project and are passionate about being able to launch your work into an accredited, secure environment in order to utilize real mission data, we get it.

Reach out via the below methods & we will work with you and/or your team to get started.


Join Military Coders Mattermost Group

If you do not yet have a DoD Platform One Single Sign-On username, follow the on-screen prompts to create a new login account. In here, you can immediately start connecting to find like-minded individuals that might want to collaborate on your issues. You might also find someone who is already working on a similar issue and could accept you into their project immediately!


Are you looking for an accredited platform with numerous products in development? If so, provide us with a description of your background and skill set so that we can get you started on your path to success! By joining our organization, we can assist you by:

Launching a new product that solves a problem within the Department of Defense and meets the needs of end users.

Increasing your software development knowledge by lining you up with all or part of a fast-paced training curriculum.

Walking you through the final steps of getting your app approved to run on a military network via the Continuous Authority to Operate (cATO).

Our Assessment Involves

Complete the Software Development Immersive Assessment

This assessment is done in Javascript; if you are unfamiliar, we highly recommend that you complete the prep-work first as all concepts tested on the assessment are covered in the prep-work. Be mindful that you are not required to complete the full application, we just want to see your current abilities.

Once you have completed the assessment, please send us an email to using your .mil address. Please include a brief 2-4 sentence description of your intended project and name the subject line “Ready to Launch!”

We are constantly working to expand our supported offerings, but cannot create custom architectures at this time. If you have already started your project, please ensure that your project can either be launched or refactored to fit into one of our supported tech stack categories.

After evaluating your score, you will either be asked to pursue a collection of pre-requisite online learning and review the prep work to retake the exam before continuing, or proceed with the next step!


  1. An open-source or inner-source code repository
  2. DevSecOps pipeline
  3. Staging/development environment through DoD Platform One

Based on all the information gathered so far (i.e. your past experience, the outcome of the assessment, and the needs of your proposed project), you will be given a required learning pathway in order to be eligible to move from development to production. You will also be assigned an open-source mentor. They will guide you through the ins and outs of developing an application that is in accordance with the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements. See this DoD Cloud Computing Security guide for more information.


The best part! You will be placed into a "Path to Prod" sprint. Your goal is to receive full accredidation to deploy on a military network once all of the following critera are met:
Completion of your learning pathway
Demonstration of product viability
Passing DevSec Ops pipeline
Understanding the components of the Continuous Authority to Operate
Mentor approval of your ability to run a production system

Innovation starts with you!

If you are interested in joining a Tron community like Airmen Coders, or would like to build a local #PoweredByTron software development team at your unit, reach out!